11 Artists against the wall

From 1.7.2016 for the duration of minimum 1 year: ’11 Artists against the wall’ adds color to the streets of Antwerp. As an initiative from Born In Antwerp, to connect the local art scene with the city itself, Lieven Segers curates ’11 Artists against the wall’  and invites besides himself 10 other artist to let their work exist in this unique open air expo in Antwerp. Artist with a variety of backgrounds are selected and some contributions are small and easy to pass by, others dominate the street view. Notice how the word ‘against’ is used rather then ‘on’ the wall. As if they the works/artists aren’t simply displayed, but are pushed/cornered against the wall, away from the safe inside space. From textual interpretations to massive wall paintings, the eleven artist are free to reinterpret their chosen area with their own methods.


  • Name: 11 Artists against the wall
  • Standort: Antwerpen
  • Kurator: Lieven Segers
  • Datum: 01.07.2016
  • eingetragen: 9. September 2018