Adi Adieu

Informationen zum Werk

  • Titel: Adi Adieu
  • Genre: Installation
  • Standort: Sint-Jansvliet 19, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium
  • entstanden: 01/07/2016
  • Entfernt: 2017
  • Material/Technik: Framed painted etch
  • eingetragen: 12. September 2018

Bervoets says ‘Adi Adieu’ is inspired by his daily sunset ritual, while waiting at a nearby busstop. Now he places this captured moment witnessed at The Schelde, underneath this same river. In the ‘voetgangerstunnel’, an underground tunnel connecting the right and left side of The Schelde we find his painted and framed contribution the public expo ’11 artists against the wall’. In this exhibition he is the only artist displaying work somewhere inside. Poetically this is the location where the sun visually seems to be going after setting. In the frame we see Bervoets himself, transporting his paintings with a wheelbarrow, relocating his art outside of the city, just as many galeries are forced to leave the city centre due to the rising rents. Perhaps the tunnel is also one of thé most famous pathways guiding you out of the city. Technique wise, his style holds something romantic captured within it, with a special attention for the sunset reflected on the water. In his use of color and the presence of ‘De Schelde’ we clearly see the influence he has on his student ‘Nick Andrews’, also participating in this expo.