Lieven Segers

Informationen zum Künstler

Liever Segers, the artist, uses the small as a metaphor for the big. This is perhaps the easiest way to describe his work. As an investigator of humor in art he attracts his viewers with his witty word plays, graphics, drawings and more. Based on daily life happenings, the works of Segers appear innocent, yet there is a darkness present as well. Lieven Segers, the curator, often takes on the public as his exhibition platform. In collaboration with Sarah Weyns he curated the 10th edition of Blickachsen, the German open-air sculpture Biënnale. In Antwerp itself, he was handed a free card by Born In Antwerp to curate ’11 Artists against the wall’. In both expositions is own work was included as well.



As the curator of ’11 artists against the wall’ he invited 10 other artists to create work for the public space. The small as a metaphor for the big, this is perhaps the easiest way to describe Lieven Segers Work.