Under the bridge, or better said passage way, connecting Zurenborg and Berchem ‘BRDG’ invites a wide variety of artists to rethink the aspect of the bridge and take on the challenge to display their works in public space. From video-projections to site specific interventions, starting in 2011 monthly a new retake on this place occurs. This specific ‘bridge’ or tunnel acts as an in between zone, it’s neither inside as it is outside. The closed environment it provides, protects the exhibited works from weather conditions, creating an atmospheric, safe space.


  • Name: BRDG
  • Standort: Zurenborgstraat 1, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium
  • Website:
  • Kurator: BRDG, Lokaak 01
  • Datum: 07.07.2011
  • eingetragen: 18. September 2018