Boris Tellegen / DELTA

Informationen zum Künstler

  • Name: Boris Tellegen / DELTA
  • Wohnort: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Geburtsjahr: 1968
  • Website:
  • eingetragen: 31. March 2019

Boris Telegen aka DELTA is one of the european pioneers in graffiti-writing. He started to hit the streets in the early 1980ties as part of the Amsterdam based crew “USA”. His lettering evolved into 3dimensional forms on walls. He soon started experimenting with new media transferring his block-based lettering into sculptures, installations and assemblages. The decompostion, deconstruction and rearrangment of the original letters “DELTA” is present in all of his artworks. Allthough Boris Tellegen entered the contemporary artworld by gallery and museum shows, by public comissions leaving most of his street related self-commissioned practice he still enjoys to experiment with painted letters on freight trains. The clear cut of shapes, the intertwingling of rectangle and diagonal lines got somehow a digital visual quality which is also reflected in his interest in coding language. A topic that is present in his recent works.