Kalender 09: 365 dagen actie in Antwerpen

A publication to serve as documentation of a year (03/01/2009-02/01/2010) of performative actions, taking place in public in Antwerp. In the theatre version ‘Kalender/Zwart he retells his artistic interventions in the form of performative lectures as well, just as in the white cube with the exhibition ‘Kalender/Wit’ at Muhka. Here he displayed collected items from the calendar project, with little text or context to serve as left-overs from the project. In this manner the many perceptions of the projects are left open. The starting point for ‘Kalender 09’ is Benjamin Verdonck’s practice as a theatre, where he felt dis-attached from his audience. The artistic activism in the Calendar Project is a way to reconnect with audience and community. These year-round socio-political actions, covered by his storytelling methods, were completely founded by the Toneelhuis, without them claiming the project. The documented performances are in state of trial and error, in contrast with his work in theatre, where there is an end product in mind. Key is the self-written fake letter at the start of the publication, based on a real informal conversation with the major of Antwerp giving Benjamin Verdonck ‘the green light’ to interfere in public. During the interventions, he had this letter with him, to show to the police in case they had questions about his activities. The documentation has the form of a photo book with time as its structure. The used dates often correspond to collective memory, ritual habits, special shoppings days or even political happenings. With the color photographs of his absurd temporary sculptures and his collective performances, at times the story is told, still leaving open space for the imagination of the reader/viewer.


  • Titel: Kalender 09: 365 dagen actie in Antwerpen
  • Autor: Benjamin Verdonck
  • Herausgeber: Sébastien Hendrickx, Ellen Stynen
  • Typ: picture book
  • Signatur: PUB_017
  • Jahr: 2010
  • Verlag: Toneelhuis, KVS, Mer. Paper Kunsthalle
  • Ort: Antwerpen
  • ISBN: 978 94 9069 352 7
  • Sprache: Dutch
  • eingetragen: 22. September 2018