Cultural Hijack: Rethinking Intervention

The publication “Cultural Hijack” retells, through the artists themselves, their unauthorized city interventions, which are considered to be catalysts for a user-generated city. From video projects such as the war veteran vehicle towards temporary sculptural add ons to streets, the variety of practices and interventions is wide. From interviews towards essay-inspired writing to sometimes end up with a sort of storytelling about the local activism and life & art practices of individuals engaging with their cities. The attempt to break out of the control society is present and runs through the publication, just as the relation, or gap, between institution and the artist-run initiatives. The discussions presented in the writings, shines a light on ‘Jump Ship Rat’s bringing together of experiments to rethink the city in closeness to its community.



  • Titel: Cultural Hijack: Rethinking Intervention
  • Herausgeber: Ben Parry
  • Typ: publication
  • Jahr: 2011
  • Verlag: Liverpool University Press
  • Ort: Liverpool
  • ISBN: 978-1846317514
  • Seitenzahl: 319
  • Sprache: English
  • eingetragen: 21. September 2018