Informationen zum Werk

  • Titel: V/S
  • Künstler: Navid Nuur
  • Genre: Installation
  • Standort: NDSM-Plein, 1033 Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Material/Technik: mixed media
  • eingetragen: 3. May 2019

THE AFTER GLOW III is his latest work for the NDSM shipyard. The art project can be seen in three fixed locations, where it mixes with the architecture of the old shipyard. On display are his artworks “Our Dot”, “Hitherto” and “V/S”. A newspaper entitled “THE AFTER GLOW – Issue 3” can be found at various locations throughout the shipyard. Nurr’s project was visited at the NDSM yard from Friday 18th January to Sunday 21st April 2019.