Amsterdam Fiction 12#

Informationen zum Werk

  • Titel: Amsterdam Fiction 12#
  • Künstler: Harmen de Hoop
  • Genre: Performance
  • Standort: Sarphatipark, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • entstanden: 2014
  • Material/Technik: Leaflet
  • eingetragen: 29. March 2019

Anonymous and illegal intervention in public space in Amsterdam. The artist works on the notion of ‘place’ in the contemporary city, the behaviour of individuals or groups, and the conflicts of interests in public space. „Amsterdam Fiction 12#“ plays with the dynamics of the city. The artist distibuted a leaflet in the Sarphatipark in Amsterdam. He told the public that the park will be closed to be transformed into a nature reserve, because of the (fictitious) presence of an endangered animal.