Sam Scarpulla

Informationen zum Künstler

Sam Scarpulla, a member of Kapow-collective, is a ghent-based straat artist. As a traveller, hints towards the elsewhere find their way into his paintings. In a mixture between figuration and abstraction he creates. Just as in Kapow collective, symmetry is centralized and depictions come second place, yet aren’t abandoned. At times, carpet patterns come to mind, as well when looking at the collaborative works of Kapow Collective, strengthened by the use of ground surfaces (sometimes for skating). Just as in 2016, when Sam Scarpulla colored parts of a ground surface in Ostend white, as part of the first edition of Crystal Ship, making a floor painting depicting waves and dreamy elements. Mostly his paintings exist out of two colors, the combination of black and white is revisited at several occasions. The lines used in his murals have a repetitive vibe to them and could be from comics and make his, often symbolic appearing, paintings dynamic.