Holger Nickisch

Informationen zum Künstler

  • Name: Holger Nickisch
  • Wohnort: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Website: https://www.nickisch.nl
  • eingetragen: 13. April 2019

While maintaining a professional practice as curator and mediator in the art field, Holger has continued his work as a visual artist. Although the practice of curator has been a career priority, the two identities of Curator and Artist have remained co-dependent throughout: the discoveries of the artist have been viable to the insights and artistic views of the curator, and vice versa.

He initiate, promote and support the production of artistic works with a focus on engaging in and with public space in dialogue with a diverse audience. Areas of his practice have included collected objects, social sculptures, site specific installations and interventions within urban environments, involving temporary spaces and local residents, specifically in various neighbourhoods of Amsterdam.

As the interests that are involved in his projects are often complex and multifaceted, he has learned to include several perspectives. Research, design, co-creation, and production are integral parts of his daily work in collaboration with artists, audiences and other stakeholders. He is comfortable to negotiate with partners at the municipal level, cultural and social institutions, public organizations, as well as with private initiatives.