TAAK is a collective that initiates art projects in the public domain and develops and creates commissioned art projects. TAAK is interested in the issues relevant to public spaces and the public domain. In the eyes of TAAK these challenges are not only social but also artistic in nature. Since artists can move freely between different areas of knowledge, they can present unexpected, critical and independent views regarding topics that concern us all, such as healthcare, urbanism, ecology and identity. TAAK puts an emphasis on the potential of artistic research to bring about change, because artists avoid simple answers and can create alternative worlds that we would like to live in. Art can enrich and connect people and encourage public debate. Bearing this in mind, TAAK, as a collective, develops and produces art programs and projects, and gives advice to social and private bodies.


  • Name: TAAK
  • Standort: Tolhuisweg 2, 1031 CL Amsterdam
  • Website:
  • eingetragen: 8. May 2019