Kressmann-Halle is an exhibition space for contemporary art in the harbour of Offenbach. The exhibition hall provides a platform for local artists and at the same time should enable a connection to a supra-regional art scene. The aim of the operators is to exhibit international artists and to open up dialogues with them. The exhibition venue Kressmann-Halle was founded by YRD.Works (Yacin Boudalfa, Ruben Fischer and David Bausch). The collective consisting of the three artists runs the Kressmann Hall and works together with guest curators on some of the exhibitions. The Kressmann Hall is located in a former workshop hall and, after extensive renovation work, combines the advantages of the White Cube with the post-industrial surroundings, the former oil port.


  • Name: Kressmann-Halle
  • Standort: Hafen 13, 63067 Offenbach am Main
  • eingetragen: 24. September 2018