Frankfurter KunstSäule

The Frankfurter KunstSäule is an advertising column that has been transformed into an open-air gallery. Located in the Brückenviertel in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen, the column shows three different artistic positions over the course of a year. The project was initiated by Daniel Hartlaub (artist) and Florian Koch (curator). The surface of an advertising pillar, which we know as advertising space, is removed from its usual function and declared a surface for art. Unlike in an exhibition space, where the space is usually around the recipient, in the case of the Art Column the recipient has to walk around the column in order to be able to view the entire work of art or all the attached works of art. This shift is interesting, since it is usually related to a certain being in motion of the viewer, but also of the artist.


  • Name: Frankfurter KunstSäule
  • Standort: Am Alten Friedhof 60594 Frankfurt
  • Website:
  • Jahr: 2017
  • eingetragen: 17. September 2018