Artifex Gallery

Founded in 2007, by the couple Steve Locatelli and Jera Devliegher, Artifex Gallery mainly presents the works of Locatelli himself, although at times collaborations exist with others. His skull-art, as he calls it, and strokes of paint, creating figures, kwown from his large-scale murals, here find their way onto the canvas. Besides its function as an exhibition space, workshops around street art are offered in order to attract the young generation. At Artifex Gallery street art is centralized, but presented away from the street, away from the urban in a closed indoor space.


  • Name: Artifex Gallery
  • Standort: Oude Koornmarkt 53, 2000 Antwerpen
  • Website:
  • Jahr: 2007
  • eingetragen: 16. September 2018