For the second time the ‘Gazet van Zurenborg’, the neighborhood newspaper of the Zurenborg area in Antwerp, organizes Poetry windows: a temporary exhibition where locals are invited to display art in their windows facing the street, in this way creating a public street expo and inviting passengers to look at the presented works. For the 2018 edition Herman De Coninck is the main figure, an Antwerp poet who would have celebrated his 72th birthday in 2018. Over 300 people participate in this project and attached one of his poems to their glass window surface. In the belle-epoque street Cogels-Osyslei something interesting occurs in the dynamics of the street. The houses have small front gardens, separating the passengers from the presented texts, almost creating invitations for those wishing to read the poems to enter their private space.  


  • Name: Poëzievensters
  • Standort: Zurenborg
  • Kurator: Gazet van Zurenborg
  • eingetragen: 26. September 2018