20,5 public paintings

As ‘En plein public’ found the loop whole of Antwerps buffing system: the wooden pannells, surrounding construction sites, the perfect platform for an expo ‘en plein public’ was born. These pannels are one of the only exemptions from Antwerps around the clock buffing service, keeping the city ‘clean’. Besides this long series of painting of Frederik Lizen, near the Antwerp Station, ‘En Plein Public’ already used various sites around the city of Antwerp, to add a (hopefully) long lasting add-on. Their presence hasn’t gone unnoticed and the walls are already undergoing processes, by bomers and throw-ups of other Graffiti writers, also discovering the freedom, which is to be found on these construction sites. The outdoor (20,5) works of Lizen are all acrylic, spray and laque on panel. There is a wittiness to his illustrations and in the colorful collage-like shapes they exist in, they communicate directly to the street, the urban and street art itself.


  • Name: 20,5 public paintings
  • Standort: pelikaanstraat 86, Antwerpen
  • Website:
  • Datum: 26.08.2018
  • eingetragen: 25. September 2018