Fra. Biancoshock

“Ephemeralism” that is the name Fra.Biancoshock gives to the spirit inherent to his temporary works. Since his artistic actions and productions, whether they are humorous, poetic or critical, build on the element of surprise, the volatility is also part of the audience. For his creations, which cannot easily be categorized yet are always current, Fra.Biancoshock uses tunnels, streets and plazas. Playfully he incorporates the financial crisis and high unemployment rates as well as surveillance into his work. Additionally to simple “hackings” like manipulated street signs, graffiti and performances, his body of work also includes large scale installations. For all of his ideas Fra.Biancoshock finds the fitting technique. To address urban decay he turns walls into oversized brick roads. Begging teddy bears are used to raise awareness of ever growing poverty and in an entirely different project internet memes are blended with urban space. Luckily he captures his urban hackings on video to preserve them for exhibitions and archival purposes. That way, the surprising events can be re-lived indefinitely. Fra.Biancoshock lives in Milano and works on a global scale.

Info zum Künstler

  • Name: Fra. Biancoshock