Wiesbaden Biennale

The theatre festival, which took place for the first time in 2016, deals with theatre practice and moves performances from theatre to public space. Whether abandoned shopping arcades or other places in urban space – they can all become stages. In 1992 the festival took place for the first time under the title “New Plays from Europe” in Germany’s former capital Bonn. The concept was taken up again with a new title in 2006. Under the title “This is not Europe”, the first edition (2016) focused on the critical question of a possible common narrative of Europe. 2018 is the title of the Biennale “Hinterland”. As in 2016, the festival presents both international guest performances and large-scale new productions exclusively in public space.


  • Name: Wiesbaden Biennale
  • Location: Wiesbaden
  • Website:
  • Curator: Maria Magdalena Ludewig und Martin Hammer
  • Submission: 25. September 2018