Motif Hasselt

A project run by Debora Lauwers and Daan Linsen, from Alley Gallery, and the city of Hasselt: the open air exhibition ‘Motif’ celebrates the more abstract additions to public space with there focus on ‘patterns’. 9 Artists participate, with a variety of backgrounds. Felipe Pantone dazzles the industrial edges of town with his futuristic colors, while Niels Vaes literary burned patterns onto a field of grass. The festival offers routes in collaboration with the Street Art Festival (Hasselt), by Kurt Bosmans to highlight noticed & unnoticed interventions in public space and manifest the city as a street art hub.


  • Name: Motif Hasselt
  • Location: Hasselt
  • Website:
  • Curator: Daan Linsen
  • Year: 2017
  • Submission: 23. September 2018